VAGHEGGI SIKELIA Toning Serum for Breast 125ml

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SIKELIA, is the name by which the Greeks identify the splendid island of Sicily, the land of abundance, perfumes and colors. Our new body line draws its active ingredients from a special extraction process, exclusive and personalized for Vagheggi, of the Bergamot, Clementine and Chinotto citrus fruits from that island. These fruits are only harvested during the month of January, balsamic period during which the functional activity of these plant species is at its maximum
This line mainly concentrates itself on the structure and texture of the skin as well as on the redefining of the silhouette with unique formulas targeting specific areas; breast, waistline, legs, arms and buttocks.
SIKELIA meets the desires of every woman that knows that in harmony resides beauty.
Toning Serum for Breast
125 ml
Most innovative serum containing algae Dictyopteris extract, with a light aromatic recall of Hawaii, favors a greater natural firmness of the breast. The Clementine, bitter orange and bergamot extracts hydrate the skin of the décolleté that appears more elastic and firm. Convenient for all skin types especially after a significant weight loss or nursing period.