Glamscience: convincing doctors, seducing women

A blend of Swiss science and genuine glamour… what more could you ask for in an anti-aging skincare brand? Our precise formulations offer discerning women not only measurable results, but also luxurious rituals to last a lifetime. In skincare, luxury means, above and beyond anything else, visible results! But, the feeling of pure and unadulterated pleasure… from sensuous textures to pampering regimes – can’t be underestimated.

Swiss line has fashioned a new term to encompass its unique approach to skincare: glamscience. Meant to convey that the brand is serious enough to convince doctors, yet glamorous enough to seduce women.

Medical Grade Research

For nearly three decades, Swiss line has been combining the latest scientific research with the best natural ingredients Switzerland has to offer to create our unique range of skin products. Today, in the quest for the latest breakthrough innovations for our product development, Swiss line’s research and development team continues to work closely with world-renowned Swiss cosmetics laboratories and clinics.

Our results-oriented products contain scientifically advanced ingredients. A high concentration of peptides, polysaccharides add to our products’ efficacy.