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VAGHEGGI SIKELIA Mud Mousse Body Toning 250ml

VAGHEGGI SIKELIA Mud Mousse Body Toning 250ml

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Original texture, revolutionary application

Body mud mousses are the perfect way to renew and sculpt the body, eliminate excess fluid and firm critical areas such as thighs and buttocks. Muds are a steady staple in cosmetic, and the innovation lies in their new mousse/gel texture and their revolutionary ease of application.
The cosmetic effectiveness of the product is achieved by micronized clays suspended in a mixture of oil and butter in combination with specific active molecules that target: fat deposits, cellulite and loss of tone.

Imperfections linked to LOSS OF TONE

Shock action treatment containing dill extract to tone the body!

Active Molecules
Containing nourishing almond oil and shea butter, the soft, thick texture of the formula releases special absorbent and mineralizing clay onto the skin. Antioxidant vitamin E protects and promotes the toning action of the dill extract.

Scientific research has identified the basic mechanism that causes the loss of elasticity in the skin: as a result, our DNA synthesizes large amounts of the protein progerin and decreases the synthesis of the enzyme LOXL. The former slows down the ability of fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin, while the latter, which normally stimulates the fibroblast, decreases its activity:
• Dill extract reduces the production of the «killer» protein (progerin) and stimulates the LOXL enzyme.
• Shock action against sagging and loss of tone of any origin.
Maximum benefit in synergy with Sikelia Body Toning Cream Gel!


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