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VAGHEGGI FUOCO PLUS Body Reducing Sculpting Booster 100ml

VAGHEGGI FUOCO PLUS Body Reducing Sculpting Booster 100ml

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Reducing* body Serum Booster

*Sculpts and reduces body imperfections such as fat, cellulite and lack of tone while delivering a pleasant thermal effect. Apply this booster before other FUOCO PLUS for enhanced shock action.

Reduce and shape the imperfections of the body linked to excess fat, cellulite and sluggishness. A booster that, applied before the other products of the line, reinforces its shock action.
A new thermo-sensory modulation technology creates a pleasant sensation of heat without tingling, which promotes relaxation and enhances comfort.
Natural capsules release niacinamide, a vitamin that improves the elasticity and appearance of the skin and protects it against pollution.
Active ingredients: lythrum salicaria extract, thermo-receptor activator, drosera (carnivorous plant) extract, black rose extract, sodium hyaluronate, encapsulated niacinamide.
OBJECTIVE OF THE FUOCO PLUS LINE The objective of the line is to effectively and quickly combat skin blemishes caused by localized fat and cellulite, paying particular attention to the areas affected by these blemishes and their visible appearance on the skin.


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