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Multi-purpose use

• Apply on the back of hands, fingers and nails for a few minutes then massage until completely absorbed by the skin.

• Apply locally on the drier hand areas (fissures, knuckles…), let it penetrate then apply some Equilibrium hand cream.

• Leave it on overnight for a more intensive effect. To get the most out of its regenerating properties, wear cotton or disposable gloves before going to bed.

• It can also be applied to other body areas affected by dryness such as elbows, heels, etc.

Adansonia digitata seed extract These seeds contain an oil rich in essential fatty acids that relieves sunburn pain, regenerates the tissues, gives tone and elasticity to the skin. This extract is rich in beta-sitosterols, effective in counteracting the growth of pathogenic species, it reduces trans-epidermal water loss and increases skin hydration. It has elasticizing, protective, nourishing and stimulating action on the metabolism of collagen.

Olive oil Rich in fatty acids, phytosterols, vegetal squalane and vitamin E, it helps restore the skin barrier thanks to its lipids composition similar to that of the skin sebum. It also has a powerful antioxidant action capable of blocking the activity of free radicals, making it particularly useful in case of skin dryness and against the action of external aggressions. It also prevents the effects of skin aging.

Shea butter This ingredient is known for its emollient, nourishing and moisturizing properties as well as the antioxidant action of the vitamins E, A and D. It is a crucial element in the filtering and filming properties to prevent aging.