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VAGHEGGI EQUILIBRIUM Delicate Eye Makeup Remover 125ml

VAGHEGGI EQUILIBRIUM Delicate Eye Makeup Remover 125ml

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Formulated without aggressive cleansing ingredients, it gently and perfectly, without friction, removes makeup from eyelashes, eyelids and lips. Thanks to aloe barbadensis extract, panthenol extract and hyaluronic acid, this delicate makeup remover has a softening and soothing anti-irritant action suitable even for the most sensitive eyes.
It is ideal for people wearing contact lenses or those whose eyelids are easily irritated.
Its delicate formula is perfect for both eyelashes extensions or lamination!
Removes all types of eye makeup, even water resistant formulations!
The formula does not contain any oily substance and leaves no residue that could blur vision if accidentally entered the eye.

How to use it?
Pour a small amount on a cotton gauze pad to gently remove makeup from the eyelids and eyelashes then clean the lips. Complete the beauty routine applying the Vagheggi toning lotion of your choice or spray some Emozioni Plus Soothing Mist.

Active Ingredients
ALOE BARBADENSIS LEAF EXTRACT Well known for its lenitive and soothing properties, it helps reduce skin redness.
HYALURONIC ACID Strong moisturizing action.
PANTHENOL Derived from pantothenic acid – also known as vitamin B5 – it has a humectant, restorative and soothing action.
ERITRITOL Natural sweetener, long-lasting moisturizer.
COCO GLUCOSIDE A molecule derived from coconut with mild cleansing properties.
 Fragrance free  Silicones or mineral oil free.  Tested under dermatological and ophthalmological control  Tested for nickel content.


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