THALGO Thalgomen Anti-Fatigue Serum For Eyes 15ml

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Thalgo Men Anti-Fatigue Serum for Eyes stimulates micro-circulation, decongests unsightly puffiness and diminishes dark circles and micro-wrinkles in the eye contour area. The eye contour appears relaxed and rested. Colorless, scent-free transparent gel, does not contain colorants, pH 7.
Active Ingredients:
- Algue Bleue Vitale® - energizes the skin; fights cellular stress; encourages cellular renewal; fights the first signs of aging
- Actiflow - stimulates micro-circulation; reduces vascular congestion; reduces the appearance of dark circle and puffiness
- Cornflower - Decongestant
On cleansed skin and before using a day cream, apply Thalgo Anti-Fatigue Serum for Eyes in small quantities, from the inside corner of the eye towards the “crow’s feet” and the temples. Avoid contact with the upper eyelids. For significant signs of fatigue of the eye contour, apply Thalgo Anti-Fatigue Serum for Eyes morning and evening. Used during long flights, it prevents dehydration and erases signs of lack of sleep.