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THALGO Intense Regulating Concentrate 1.2mlx7

THALGO Intense Regulating Concentrate 1.2mlx7

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Rebalances all combination skin types in just seven days. Thalgo Intense Regulating Concentrate is a powerful intensive treatment product that helps moderate seborrhea, restore the quality of sebum, reduce skin thickness and unclog pores. In just seven days, the skin is purified and less prone to oiliness. Fresh and light scent; will appeal to everyone.
Active Ingredients:
- Activ’Pur – inhibits the development of the bacteria responsible for blemishes by depriving them of water. Corrects skin thickening that causes clogged pores.
- Fucus Spiralis and Tetraselmis chui – help regulate production of sebum, reduce shine and the appearance of enlarged pores; help prevent bacterial spread
- Sève Bleue from the Oceans – significantly increases the skin’s moisture levels and stimulates its cellular metabolism


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