THALGO Gel For Feather Light Legs 150ml

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Thalgo Gel for Feather-Light Legs is a very refreshing, decongesting and toning gel that provides instant relief and lasting relaxation for tired and painful legs. May be used at any time of the day to relieve the effects of standing over long periods of time or over-heated atmospheres. It eliminates water retention and the sensation of tired, heavy legs. Provides relief from uncomfortable sensations due to poor circulation: painful, heavy, swollen legs and feet. Golden colored gel with fragrance, pH 7.3

Active Ingredients:

- Palmaria Palmata algae - aids venous return

- Yellow Sweet Clover plant - regularizes lymphatic functions

- Red vine (leaf plant) - strengthens capillary walls

- NMF menthol - hydrates and refreshes

Apply Thalgo Gel for Feather-Light Legs using upward movements, starting from the soles of the feet towards the hips. Use Thalgo Gel for Feather-Light Legs in the morning to prevent uncomfortable sensations of heaviness and in the evening to drain and refresh the legs.