THALGO Frigimince Spray 150ml

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A genuine refining starter, Thalgo Frigimince Spray helps eliminate fluid, targets water retention and improves circulation. This product combines the efficacy of lipid-reducing active ingredients to decongest and stimulate circulatory exchanges. Its easy application refreshes, tones and instantly soothes the uncomfortable sensations of tired and heavy legs. It is a fresh solution in spray form. Contains alcohol and has a natural menthol scent, pH 6.5.

Active Ingredients:

- Enteromorpha Compressa algae - stimulates circulation

- Golden Chamomile plant - refines body curves; drains tissues

- Cooling complex (Camphor, Menthol, & Alcohol 40°) - aids circulatory flow; instantly refreshes

Spray Thalgo Frigimince Spray twice a day before your chosen refining product, on areas that need refining (knees, thighs, buttocks, and stomach). For uncomfortable legs, spray all over the legs for an instant refreshing sensation.