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SWISSLINE CELL SHOCK BODY Shaping Lifting Complex 150ml

SWISSLINE CELL SHOCK BODY Shaping Lifting Complex 150ml

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The gel cream that effectively shapes, lifts and firms the skin of the body is a
specific care product for sagging tissue that has lost its elasticity and/or
areas of the body that accumulate fluid/swelling.

Easily spreadable and quickly absorbed , the fresh gel-cream is ideal for
problem areas on the body;cfor firming and maintaining treatment of tired legs, thighs, waist and stomach area, as well as buttocks and arms.

The Cellactel 2 Complex
Cell Shock signature compound supports the skin in all its essential functions while it lifts, firms and nourishes the skin.

Collagen Polypeptide The
double amino acid polypeptide preserves the flexibility of collagen fibers
by preventing their brittleness and stiffening. This is due to the effect of inhibiting glycation reactions,
which in turn helps restore the skin's youthful elasticity and firmness. Collagen polypeptides
significantly improve the appearance of the skin. The two amino acids
of this polypeptide  Lysine and Arginine  are widely used as a dietary supplement by bodybuilders to develop muscle mass growth. Both amino acids are needed as building materials for collagen in all muscle tissues and connective tissue.

Shaping  Complex
Firming active compound consisting of caffeine and two synergistic
plant extracts: Gingko Biloba and Butcher Broom ` Pikkuruscus` (Ruscus Aculeatus). The compound activates
microcirculation and invigorates fluid circulation, effectively relieving swelling.

Suitable for all skin types, ideal for sagging body skin and for those of you who want a liquid-removing and firming end result from your body care product.



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