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ROSACTIVE Pure Concentrated Fluid 10ml / 30ml

ROSACTIVE Pure Concentrated Fluid 10ml / 30ml

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PUREmed Fluid is a antiseptic lotion, specific for acne and comedonic skin. Scientifically formulated and rich in natural extract is very effective for oxygenating the cells of affected areas, stimulating the body's natural healing response to acne and, as result, improving the appearance of the skin. It quickly absorbs into skin and delivers instant support directly to blemished parts, soothing and disinfecting the tissue. 

Laminaria Saccharina Extract Burdock Extract Arichoke extract Lavender Extract Red Poppy Extract Plantain Extract Musk Rose Extract Dandelion Extract - It helps balance the pH level and regulate the overproduction of sebum. (Articum Lappa) Calming and smoothing effect. (Cynara Scolymus) Very good moisturizer and emolient ingredient (Lavandula Angustifolia) It has powerful antiseptic properties. (Papaver Rhoeas) It has emollient, soothing action on the skin. The aqueous extracts of the plant exhibit antibiotic activity. (Plantago Major) - Possesses bactericidal, healing, deodorizing and anti-inflammatory properties. (Rosa Moschata) - Iit has an astringent and toning effect on the skin. (Taraxacum Officinalis) - It is reputed to be used as a tonic for skin and in toners for inflamed skin. pH: 5,5/6,5 

At home, apply this lotion on the affected areas (pimples) with the special roll-on dispenser and gently dab until complete absorption. Use several times during the day. In cabin, after an accurate cleansing, apply some drops of the product on face especially on the affected areas, and gently tap with fingertips until complete absorption. 

For skin affected by acne. 


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