ROSACTIVE Moisturizing Mask 250ml

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HYDRA Comfort Moisturizing Mask is suited also for young skins as support for preventing precocius skin ageing. 


The concentrated blend of active agents gives tissue a velvety and healthy aspect, re-balances the natural level of moisture, supplies suppleness and luminousity. After cleansing and tonifying the skin thoroughly, apply HYDRA Comfort Moisturizing Mask in a thin layer on face and neck, avoiding eyes contour. Allow it to work for 10/15 minutes (in cabin 20 minutes). After that period of time remove any remaining residual of the mask with a wet sponge and rinse with lukewarm water. 

Active agents:

— Algae Extract

— Lactic Acid


— Panthenol. It is provitamin B5 which conditions the skin, improving the texture.

— Yeast Extract. It contains many valuable substances like proteins, peptides and amino acids, storage compounds, enzymes and polysaccharides as well as Vitamins of the B group. The Yeast extract used here has a stimulating and activating effect on cell metabolism by means of an increased production of ATP, the most important energy source of the cells. The cell's vitality is improved.