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ROSACTIVE Hydra Couperose Toner 200ml /500ml

ROSACTIVE Hydra Couperose Toner 200ml /500ml

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Protective and revitalizing tonic lotion, specific for sensitive skin prone to couperose. Visibly softens and balances the skin. The daily use, in synergy with all the specific products of HYDRA Comfot Couperose Line, helps to stimulate the micro blood circulation and the collagen production.
Butcher’s broom extract (Ruscus Aculeatus) Butchersbroom extract acts mainly on the microcirculation, decreasing capillary permeability due to its content of a flavonoid called Rutin. The therapeutic properties of this plant are to increase circulation, reduce edema, reduce swelling and to act as an anti-inflammatory.
Designed for use after cleansing with HYDRA Comfort Couperose Milk. Use morning and night. Pour some drops of tonic on face, eyes area, neck and decolletè and tap gently with finger or with a dampened cotton pad.
This product is suitable especially for delicate and alipidic tissues with couperose problems as visible capillaries and reddening
It is advisable to use product in synergy with the other Couperose line products.



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