ROSACTIVE BIOSUPREME Extreme Solution Booster Elixir 4x12ml (only 1 left)

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A 28 day Progressive Solution program for skin imperfections with a LONG LASTING EFFECT

*The serums can be used in a progressive manner, starting with Purifying Moisturizing Serum, followed by Brightening Serum, then, Firming Serum and last is Lifting Serum. *Purifies, brightens, tightens and enhances facial contours to protect skin against environmental attack.

The precious green caviar is called plant caviar or sea grape. It contains high minerals and Vitamin A ,C ,E. It can deeply moisturize the skin for 24 hours. It can be used once to effectively activate and rejuvenate and make the skin younger.

No. 1 Purifying Moisturizing Serum (12ml) Active Ingredients: Green Caviar, Cherry Blossom, Sambucus, Tamarind, can eliminate skin against external pollutants, improve skin defense system, protect skin from oxidation, remove impurities, free radicals, increase skin moisture content.

No. 2 Brightening Serum (12ml) Active Ingredients: Green Caviar, Magnolia, Citrus/Citrus, Kumquat Extract When the skin has enough moisture, this essence can be used to alleviate spots, pigmentation, and even skin tone.

No. 3 Firming Serum (12ml) Active Ingredients: Green Caviar, Hibiscus, Buddleia, Peach Blossom Restore skin vitality, increase collagen and firm skin.

No. 4 Lifting Filler Serum (12ml) Active Ingredients: Green Caviar, Plant Algae, Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid Increased skin moisture, full dermis, firm facial contours, improved collagen, and firmer skin tightening