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ROSACTIVE Biocomplex Moisturizing Concentrate 30ml

ROSACTIVE Biocomplex Moisturizing Concentrate 30ml

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MOISTURIZING Lotion - specific lotion for dehydrated and atrophic tissues that improves the moisture content of all skin types.

This concentrated blend of natural emollients, vitamins and naturall extracts is formulated to re-hydrate the skin, leaving it revitalized, refreshed and supple. It minimizes fine lines and small wrinkles.
For all skin types, particularly suitable for de-hydrated and atrophic skin.
The product cane penetrate with ionophoresis: Polarity of the product: POSITIVE Time: 4/6 minutes 
Active agents:
Cabbage Rose Extract (Rosa Centifolia) - It moisturizes and stimulates dry and sensitive skin, as well as restores elasticity.
Panthenol - Vitamin belonging to the vitamin B-groupe and involved in cellular metabolism. Panthenol is capable to improve the water-retaining capacity of the skin and it has calming and soothing properties 
NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) - Contains the building material which is responsible for the moisture balance of healthy skin. The skin regains its natural ability to absorb moisture and to retain it, thus lending it elasticity and suppleness. 


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