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ROSACTIVE Balance Mask 250ml

ROSACTIVE Balance Mask 250ml

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Rich creamy mask suited for oily skin in presence of sebum overproduction, dermatitis, or combitation skin. Thanks to the presence of highconcentrated active agents the product has re-balancing, soothing andnormalizing properties.

Active agents:

- Wheat Germ Oil. Moiturizes, improves skin texture.

- Soybean Oil (Glycine Soja). Contains essential fatty acids. 

- Sage Extract (Salvia Officinalis) - Soothing, healing and some antisepticproperties.

- Burdock Extract (Articum Lappa) - Calming and smoothing effect.

- Lavander Oil (Lavandula Angustifolia) - Its powerful antiseptic propertiesare able to kill many of the common bacteria. It is very useful in thetreatment of acne issues, where it also soothes the affected part of thebody and can prevent the formation of permanent scar tissue


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