PHYT'S Serum Aromaclear (C17) 30ml

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This organic serum tightens and reduces pores. It aims to control the appearance of sebum of oily or acne prone skin. Its formula refines the skin texture and improves its texture. This precious ally works at night, where the skin is most receptive. Thanks to this real concentrate of astringent essential oils, the skin appears clearer and the complexion finally regains all its original clarity.

ingredients : Camphor, Rosemary *, Thyme *, Cypress *, Frankincense, Lemon *, Petit Grain *, Marjoram *, Clove *, Cinnamon *, Lavender *, Silica, Vegetable Vitamin E
* ingredients from Organic Farming

In the evening, after cleansing, apply to the entire face and neck. It replaces the night cream.
Tips: For increased effectiveness, first apply  Naturoll'On ( Naturoderm ) locally on the targeted areas. In the morning, use Aromaclear Fluid or Aromaclear Cream . In addition, once or twice a week, complete using the  Purity Exfoliating Mask or the Revealing Mask .