PHYT'S Lotion Fortifiante Mineralising and Toning Care Treatment for the Scalp 6 vials 5ml

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Mineralizing and toning care treatment for the scalp. Thanks to its wealth of minerals and essential oils, gives strenght and vigor to the hair. The hair is reinforced, thickened, flexible ans shinning.

Strength & Beauty Fortifying Lotion

Skin type : All types of hair
Expectation : Stimulates, fortifies

Active ingredients :
Alfalfa*, Blackcurrant*, Wheat Proteins, Bilberry*, Restharrow*, Thyme*, Meadowsweet*, Ylang-Ylang*, Cinnamon*, Sea Salt, Lavender*
* ingredients from organic farming.

Application :
After Shampoo, rub scalp with Lotion Fortifiante. Rinse hair if necessary.
Tip : For best results, before shampoo, apply the Huile Revigorante on scalp. Massage the epidermis in small circular movements. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes.