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PAYOT NUE Makeup Remover Stick for Face, Eyes and Lips 50g

PAYOT NUE Makeup Remover Stick for Face, Eyes and Lips 50g

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The make-up removing effectiveness of an oil in a stick format

Discover the Face, Eyes and Lips Make-up Remover Stick, the new gesture for quick, effective and ultra-sensory make-up removal. Composed of 97% ingredients of natural origin, it perfectly dissolves even waterproof, matte and long-lasting makeup. Enriched with orange blossom floral water and watercress extract, it eliminates pollution particles and detoxifies the skin. Coconut oil, its specific ingredient, leaves the skin nourished, soft and silky.

Its balm texture turns into oil during massage, then into milk when rinsed.

100% Eco-friendly, water-free formula.

Equivalent to 1.5 bottles of micellar water


100% clean* & vegan. 

Stick 100% recyclable. 

Without case.  

*Free of controversial ingredients

Removes face, eye and lip make-up in a single step 100%*


Perfectly dissolves make-up and softens the skin 100%*


Rinses very easily without leaving a greasy film 100%*


Very pleasant to use 100%*


*Usage test carried out on 20 volunteers. Application 1 to 2 times a day for 4 weeks. % of volunteers who perceived the effect. 

ORGANIC orange blossom floral water

Watercress extract

Specific ingredient: Coconut Oil

Use directly on dry skin in circular motions, then rinse with lukewarm water.


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