PAYOT MY PERIOD LA CURE The Skincare Therapy - Limited Edition (9x1.5ml)

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Programme of 9 rebalancing face serums for the menstrual cycle

My Period is a custom treatment programme to rebalance women’s skin during the menstrual cycle. 

A programme of 9 serums with 3 specific formulas, to begin on the first day of a period for 9 consecutive days to limit the visible signs of the menstrual cycle on the skin:

- Day 1 to 3: purifying serums with mint extract, which purify and deep-cleanse the skin to eliminate imperfections due to the hormone spike at the start of your period. 

- Day 4 to 6: soothing serums with jasmine extract, which soothe, comfort and nourish skin made sensitive by fluctuations in the stress hormone during your period. 

- Day 7 to 9: energising serums with orange extract, which restore energy and strength to tired skin, to revive its glow and reduce the signs of fatigue. 

You’ll love its friendly decoration that illustrates and enhances femininity, as well as its on-the-go, eco-designed packaging in the form of single-dose ampoules made from recycled materials.