MILA D'OPIZ THE VEGAN GREEN CAVIAR Revived Hydration Mask 50ml

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The Vegan Green Caviar line of products from Mila d’Opiz have been developed using all natural plant extracts. One of these is the fruit of the Caulerpa Algae found in the Okinawa Islands off the coast of Japan.  This fruit is known as Sea Grape or Green Caviar due to its appearance and it can store immense levels of minerals and vitamins.  The Islanders regularly include Green Caviar in their diet and are renowned for living extremely long healthy lives, often well into their 90s. Apart from Green Caviar, some key ingredients in the range include Lakesis, Lime Pearl, Sunflower Oil and Coconut Oil. Using Green Caviar in skincare brings a new level of anti ageing properties to the skin.

Use the Vegan Green Caviar Revived Hydration Mask weekly along with the Day, Night and Eye Cream and your skin will appear smoother, softer and fine lines and wrinkles will be dramatically reduced.  Apply to clean skin and leave on for at least 20 minutes for optimum effect then rinse off using damp sponges.