MILA D'OPIZ Sun Drops SPF50 30ml

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Sun drops for a younger complexion
Daily sun protection is still one of the most critical ways to effectively fight anti
excellent sun cream not only protects against skin cancer, but also slows down the visible skin aging process.
Research has shown that regular use of sun protection reduce the aging process of skin by up to 25% – Mila D’Opiz’s Sun Drops SPF 50 does exactly that and designed for daily use.
For year-round protection from the sun and HEV Rays (blue light
The higher the sun protection factor, the lesser wrinkles
The sun protection factor is crucial for the anti aging effect on sun scream
Sun Drops SPF 50 have a maximum protection factor
Sun Drops SPF50 also protect against HEV Rays (blue light) that is emitted by
computer monitors, and mobile phones.
Active ingredients
The main active ingredients include natural Coconut and Sunflower oil. V
contained in the oils have a particularly moisturizing effect and vitamin E increases the skin‘s elasticity in the long term.
3-5 drops of Sun Drops SPF 50 can be applied directly to the skin or
mixed with your day cream.
It is available in a small 30-ml-bottle, making it convenient to take

wherever you go, keep a bottle in your handbag for use all year around During development, we ensured that the drops can be combined with all Mila d’Opiz products, even with make up