MILA D'OPIZ Microbiome Daily Balancing Tonic 200ml

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Basic Line Cleansing Line from Mila d'Opiz is the latest addition to this wonderful Swiss Range of Skincare Products. This range aims to maintain a healthy microbiome of the skin while effectively cleansing and removing all residue of make up and grime. The microbiome of the skin refers to the army of bacteria that exists on the surface of the skin. These bacteria serve to protect the skin from micro organisms that can damage the delicate balance of the skin.  Many cleansing products on the market are too harsh and remove all the healthy bacteria as well as dirt and grime which ultimately leads to a dull, sluggish, unhealthy looking skin.  Regular use of the Daily Cleansing Line from Mila d'Opiz will lead to healthy, glowing balanced skin.  The Daily Balancing Toner should be used in conjunction with one of the Basic Line Daily Cleansers to ensure removal of all residue of cleanser.  Use a small amount on a dampened cotton disc and wipe over face and neck after cleansing