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MARY COHR MultiSensitive Cream 50ml

MARY COHR MultiSensitive Cream 50ml

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MultiSensitive Cream - Soothing And Protective
This skincare cream, rich in natural active ingredients with exceptional properties, soothes delicate skin and protects it from external stress factors.

On the inside, MultiSensitive Cream nourishes skin, reinforcing its natural barrier function and isolating the epidermis from external aggressions.
On the outside, it helps skin protect itself by soothing symptoms of cutaneous sensitivity.
Softness and comfort are restored to skin.

Active component

ActiCalm Complex: Relieves sensations of hypersensitivity (redness, overheating…). Phytoprotectol: Soothes skin and diminishes cutaneous reactivity by targeting the causes of inflammation


Apply to the entire face daily, morning and evening.


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