MARY COHR Multi Slim Slimming & Firming Cream 125ml

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Multi Slim attacks fats from the outside to dislodge cellulite, thanks to the biological action of the active ingredients and the mechanical action of the slimming massage.

Phyto Slimming
Cellulysium Complex from Red
Anti-Fat Algae : contributes to reducing the volume of adipocytes (fat storage cells).
African Mahogany Bark Extract
Firmness: promotes firmness and elasticity of the skin to soften and smooth the dimples. Anti-Water
Wild Ginger Extract
: helps reshape the silhouette and improve the appearance and comfort of the legs.

The draining effect is accentuated by the 5-ball applicator which allows a gentle but prolonged massage.
Coupled with the Phyto Slimming Complex, this massage stimulates the circulation of fluids and promotes the natural process of lymphatic drainage, for a shapely silhouette and refined contours.
Directions for use
Apply morning and evening to the areas concerned with the massage head, practical thanks to its ON / OFF system. Make circular movements from bottom to top until the cream penetrates.