MARY COHR Moisturising Essences Cream 50ml

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From the first application, the skin is perfectly moisturised, with lasting results. It regains ENERGY and VITALITY, and looks radiantly beautiful.

Essential Oils, derived from sun-kissed plants, infuse the skin with natural energy.

They are also widely known for their purifying properties.

The Aromatic cream formula, combined with the patented Essential Oils, triggers the cutaneous hydration mechanisms: the moisturising active ingredients penetrate the skin better and are increasingly effective!

Prodigious Essences

Diffuse their beneficial properties into the heart of skin and stimulate the skin’s biological processes: hydration mechanisms are triggered, moisturising active ingredients in the cream better penetrate the skin and are more effective.

Essential Oil of Sage : Regenerates.

Essential Oil of Lavender : Soothes.

Essential Oil of Rosemary : Purifies, limits transepidermal water loss, helps retain water, maintains moisture balance and prevents dehydration.

Aquasmosis (Liposomes filled with Hydrosmose Complex®)

Carry water to the cells. Moisturises continuously by fusing with cell membranes.


Reinforces the natural hydration network by stimulating the synthesis of aquaporins. These molecules form water channels to facilitate moisture flow from the dermis to the epidermis.