MARY COHR “Golden Effect” Moisturising Cream 50ml

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Day after day, the skin beautifully glows with a subtle, natural-looking tan.

Due to the optimal dose of active tanning ingredients, "Golden Effect" Moisturising Cream gradually colours the skin until the desired effect is achieved.

From the first application, the skin is moisturised and the complexion radiantly beautiful.

Natural self-tanning complex

Gives the skin a progressive, natural and buildable tan due to the combination of 2 active ingredients (DHA and Erythrulose) complementary and rightly dosed.

DHA: Targets the outer epidermal layer to rapidly add a golden glow to the skin.

Erythrulose: Works more slowly on the epidermis, with longer-term effects.

Moisturising plants extract (Mallow and Aloe Vera Extracts)

Hydrate and soften the skin.