MARY COHR Instant Brightening Mask 7 units

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Pigmented Skins
Instant Brightening mask for a brighter complexion and minimised pigmentation. Ideal for beginning the SWHITE skin brightening program, this mask releases its powerful brightening ingredients into the heart of the skin cells for an instant radiance-boosting effect. After 10 minutes, your complexion is beautifully luminous.
  • Melanoxyl
    influences melanocyte activity and helps to reduce the production of melanin induced by UV light. Reduces the initial amount of melanin.

  • Stabilised or pure Vitamin C
    visibly brightens the complexion and refines the skin texture.
Clean the face thoroughly. Start with the eye contour, followed by the nose and mouth. Leave on for 10 minutes. Remove the mask and massage in gently excess using circular movements.