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MARIA GALLAND 971 CELLULAR'SUN Protective Body Lotion 50+ 150ml

MARIA GALLAND 971 CELLULAR'SUN Protective Body Lotion 50+ 150ml

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Summer protection for the body and anti-aging care.


  • Respectful solar filters : Composition certified ECOSUN PASS® by BASF™.
  • NMF Complex : Tanning enhancer, deeply moisturizes the skin and helps prolong the tan.
  • Lingonberry stem cells : helps reduce wrinkles and age spots. Stimulates improved firmness and suppleness of the skin.
  • Antioxidant peptides : Protects against oxidative stress to preserve the beauty of the skin.


Based on a sense of environmental responsibility, scientific discipline and sensitivity to consumer wishes, BASF™ introduces a methodology to assess the environmental impact of sunscreen formulations

ECOSUN PASS® solves the dilemma between the need for effective sun care and environmental protection. The tool assesses, provides answers, and paves the way for sunscreen products that are good for people and nature. But above all, this certification opens the door to players who want to take matters into their own hands and meet the challenges of the future and meet the wishes of consumers.

  • Acute Aquatic Toxicity • damage to an aquatic organism due to short-term exposure to substance.
  • Chronic Aquatic Toxicity • damage to an aquatic organism due to long-term exposure to a substance.
  • LOGPOW • a logarithm of the partition coefficient between a defined octanol-water mixture. The toxicity of the solvent is inversely proportional to this value.
  • Biodegradation • the degradation of materials of materials by micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi or other biological means.
  • Bioaccumulation • accumulation of substances in an organism due to absorption at a faster rate than that at which the substance is lost through catabolism and excretion.
  • Endocrine Suspicion • a substance that has been shown to disrupt the hormonal system of organisms. Such a substance cannot be considered environmentally friendly.
  • Terrestrial Toxicity • the adverse effects of a substance on terrestrial flora and fauna.
  • Sediment Toxicity • damage caused by a substance to organisms living in sediment.


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