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JUVENA PHYTO DE-TOX Detoxifying Cleansing Oil 100ml (No Box) (only 2 left)

JUVENA PHYTO DE-TOX Detoxifying Cleansing Oil 100ml (No Box) (only 2 left)

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Delightfully mild yet deep-penetrating cleansing oil. For face and eyes.

For skin in need of gentle, deep-penetrating and efficacious cleansing. This nourishing cleansing oil for face and eyes contains a valuable combination of avocado oil and macadamia nut oil. It cleanses your pores radically and deep down without stressing your skin, and at the same time lavishes your skin with moisture. Radically cleansed and extra groomed skin. Prepares you perfectly for your following skin care routine. Like newly created.

Avocado Protein / Triple Anti-Aging Effect

Candida Saitoana Extract (yeast cells)

Plant-based complex of active substances including Echium, Balloon plant and sunflower oil

SkinNova SC Technology

Avocado Oil

Hyaluronic acid (long and short chains)

Spread the Detoxifying Cleansing Oil over your dry skin with circular movements. Emulsify with a little water and massage in gently. Then rinse off with luke-warm water. Finished! Can also be used to remove eye make-up.

all skin types


Macadamia oil is derived from Macadamia nuts. It supports the skin’s barrier function. Of the natural oils, macadamia oil demonstrates the best abilities for penetration of the skin. This is attributed to its palmitoleic acid content. It nourishes and smoothes the skin, lavishes skin with intensive moisture and makes it feel wonderfully powdery soft. Revitalizes and refreshes very raw, dry skin to make it more supple and give it a youthfully sleek radiance.


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