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INSPIRA MED Skin Defense Cream 50ml

INSPIRA MED Skin Defense Cream 50ml

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When the skin's natural barrier is disturbed, the skin tends to become irritable. It is no longer able to adequately protect itself against external influences such as climatic conditions, sunlight, environmental toxins, etc. It also reacts increasingly sensitively to foreign substances. The consequence: redness and irritation.
Skin Defense Cream, a rich care formula with a lipid content of 25%, is the ideal care for sensitive and irritable skin. With its special active substances, it helps to restore an intact hydrolipidic film. Redness and skin irritation are reduced and the skin's resilience is increased, therefore preventing the occurrence of new irritation. The irritated skin rapidly becomes soft and supple again; the well-being of relaxed skin is guaranteed.

Purpose and function

- Ideal care cream for sensitive skin                                                                                    - Fortifies the hydrolipidic barrier and thus the skin's native protection
- Reduces skin redness and prevents it from recurring
- Also ideal as a wind and weather protection cream
- Leaves the complexion looking rested and even
- Restores the skin's well-being

Home care application

During the Skin Renewal & Cellular Stimulation treatment course – i.e. the use of fruit acids – and a further 4 weeks afterwards, the skin reveals increased sensitivity to light. The following recommendation for the home therefore applies during this period:
In the morning: Skin Defense Serum and then Premium Age Protector SPF 30
In the evening: Skin Defense Serum and then Skin Defense Cream.
When the skin is less sensitive to light, Skin Defense Cream can be used as both a day and night cream depending on the skin's needs.

Professional application

A massage can be carried out after Peel20 Exfoliator has been applied, providing the condition of the sensitive skin allows this.
For a massage: distribute Skin Defense Cream onto the face, neck and neckline. To improve its sliding properties, then pour on a few drops of Massage Serum and massage as usual.
Depending on the time of year and the time of day, use Premium Age Protector SPF 30 (if the skin could still be exposed to UV rays) or Skin Defense Cream as a finishing product.


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