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INSPIRA MED Fair Complexion Cream 50ml

INSPIRA MED Fair Complexion Cream 50ml

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Hyperpigmented areas of skin and age spots are particularly disturbing, as they are extremely noticeable and difficult to conceal. The causes may be varied: hormonal fluctuations, hereditary disposition, side-effects of medicines or also simply the natural aging process. What do women want? The most flawless skin possible - even, rosy and fresh with fine pores!
Fair Complexion Cream is a skin-brightening care cream for skin which tends to reveal pigment shifts or age spots.
The skin's melanin content is reduced thanks to the regular application of Fair Complexion Cream. Existing pigment shifts and age spots are reduced and the occurrence of new spots is prevented. The skin therefore becomes lighter and the flecks pale in the long term. To ensure the success of this care cream in the long term, the skin must always be very well protected against UV radiation, especially during a course of fruit acid treatment. Customers should be exposed to direct and excessive UV radiation as little as possible and should always use a product with a high light protection filter, e.g. Premium Age Protector SPF 30, during the day.

Purpose and function

- The long-term care product for pigmentation marks
- For visibly more even and brighter complexion
- Reduces long-term pigmentation marks and age spots
- Prevents the formation of new pigmentation disorders
- Moisturizing and moisture retaining
- For visibly more even and brighter complexion
- Protects against free radicals
- Leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth

Home care application

Apply onto the face, neck and neckline each day after cleansing in the evening and massage in gently.

Professional application

For a massage: distribute Fair Complexion Cream onto the face, neck and neckline. To improve its sliding properties, then pour on a few drops of Massage Serum and massage as usual.
Use Premium Age Protector SPF 30 as a finishing product, so that the skin has the best possible protection from UV rays.


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