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INSPIRA MED Youth Preserve Serum 30ml

INSPIRA MED Youth Preserve Serum 30ml

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Youth Preserve Serum protects the skin against the first signs of aging. It prevents damage at molecular level, protects the cells and mitochondria and slows down telomere shortening.
Additionally it has a skin-structuring effect to reduce the depth of wrinkles and increase the skin's density and thickness. The skin is additionally protected against the harmful effect of UV radiation.

Purpose and function

- Maintains a youthful appearance for longer
- For smoother skin
- For more even skin
- Increased tissue density

Home care application

Apply 1-2 drops onto the cleansed skin of the face and neck in the morning and evening and allow to work in briefly. Then apply Premium Age Protector in the morning and Youth Preserve Cream in the evening.

Professional application

Apply 2-4 drops onto the face, neck and neckline and press gently into the skin.
Then apply one of the following masks: Biocellulose Mask Age Defying, Calming Gel Mask or Peel Off Filmalgine® Ultra Comfort Mask.


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