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HUBISLAB Premium Active Eternal Eye & Face Cream 40g

HUBISLAB Premium Active Eternal Eye & Face Cream 40g

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  • Contains more than 60% of BotalixTM

    Combination of patented botulinumderived ingredient and bio-antioxidants (haematococcus, deinococcus ferment extract filtrate, marine polyphenol).

  • Contains five patented ingredients

    BL Fill-UP, AQUAXYLTM, COS-VCE, Acemella Oleacea Extract, MultiEX BSASM Plus. It helps to improve six kinds of wrinkles, improve rough skin texture, strengthen skin barriers, and has double moisturizing, and face-lifting effects.

  • Botulinum-derived component.

    Ingredient that is similar to Botox that is effective in improving wrinkles

  • Deinococcus Ferment Extract Filtrate.

    An ectopic microorganism that survives in extreme environment which has a strong life force and antioxidant effect

  • se every morning and evening as the last skin care step. Apply an appropriate amount onto face and around the eyes.
  • Made in Korea
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