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HUBISLAB Post Rays Derma Regener K Cream 40g

HUBISLAB Post Rays Derma Regener K Cream 40g

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  • Soothing cream to relieve skin from external hazards

    It alleviates redness, both immediate and continuously, along with general bruising and discoloration, which is especially important for weakened skin, extremely sensitive skin that has undergone dermatological treatment, such as laser treatment or MTS.

  • Dual anti-wrinkle and whitening function

    Niacinamide and adenosine work to visibly improve the appearance of freckles and skin discoloration, along with boosting skin elasticity..

  • Ultimate improvement through strengthened skin functions

    Peptide-derived adenosine and ceramide work to strengthen the skin barrier and its functions. Approved by the KFDA as a double function cosmetic (whitening, anti-aging), this product is effective at toning and lifting and at improving overall skin health.

  • Niacinamide.

    Hydrates the skin, delays aging, and is used to treat acne and redness patients. It is an ingredient that does not develop drug resistance and can produce better results for acne treatment than antibiotics.

  • Adenosine.

    Stimulates dermal cells to produce more collagen, a key protein that supports the skin and gives it its youthful firmness (0.04%)

  • Menadione (Vitamin K).

    Essential in aiding the body's process of blood clotting, which helps the body heal wounds, bruises, and areas affected by surgery

  • Centella Asiatica Extractl.

    Eliminates acne scars and regenerates cells; boosts collagen, improves skin elasticity, and protects the skin from external hazards

  • Portulaca Oleracea Extract.

    Provides moisture and works as an antibacterial and antiinflammatory agent; has a soothing effect on sensitive skin and allergic skin

  • Made in Korea
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