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GEHWOL Nail Repair Gel (H) - Rose/Pink 5ml

GEHWOL Nail Repair Gel (H) - Rose/Pink 5ml

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The restoring Gehwol Nail Repair Gel M liquidity measuring nail is photohardenable and you can find it in pink tint.

You can use it directly from the tube and hardening is done using the UV lamp. It is suitable for nail care, both for aesthetic reasons and onychoprosthetiki, e.g. after a onychomycosis
Because of antifungal ingredients contains the recovery nail gel acts as a safeguard against possible fungal infections and contributes to the correct and healthy nail growth.

The Gehwol Nail Repair Gel M is suitable, except all other applications and for bonding press stud firmly onto the nail.
Application Instructions:
Pre-treatment: Before build artificial fingernail, you have to remove parts of the nail that have suffered thickening and / or have a fungal infection and thoroughly cleaned the hangnail. To the artificial nail to be able to fix the remaining plate of the nail should be freed from fat which happens successfully with GEHWOL Nail Repair Cleaner.

Format: After the preparation apply the first layer Gehwol Nail Repair Gel directly from the tube to the nail. The available tones Gehwol Nail Repair Gel can be mixed to create the desired color and adjust as far as possible to natural. The mixing is done with greater success in the nail bed. The gel is cured only by using a UV lamp and therefore may be shaping the new nail without time pressure, with a brush. For best results it is recommended to use 3 gel coats.
Packing a 5 ml


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