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FUSION Hair Mist 75ml

FUSION Hair Mist 75ml

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Key indications:

  • Revitalization and strengthening of hair.
  • Thickens hair shafts.
  • Helps fight hair loss.
  • Removes loose dandruff.

Key Ingredients:

  • Dexpanthenol (0.5%)
  • Hyaluronic acid XS (0.1%)
  • Carnosine (0.5%)
  • Organic silicon hair (1%)
  • Multi-mineral complex of zinc, calcium, copper and magnesium (3%)

Introducing our innovative hair serum spray, formulated to condition and nourish your hair. Our unique blend of active ingredients, including dexpanthenol, hyaluronic acid, carnosine, organic silicon, zinc, calcium, copper and magnesium, is inspired by powerful mesotherapy treatments.

Our hair serum is designed to penetrate deep into the hair shaft, delivering essential nutrients to restore and strengthen damaged and weakened hair. Dexpanthenol, also known as provitamin B5, helps improve hair elasticity, making it look healthier and stronger. Hyaluronic acid provides intense hydration to hair, helping to combat dryness and breakage.

Carnosine, an amino acid, has antioxidant properties that protect hair from external aggressions and prevent further damage. Organic silicon improves hair texture and promotes hair growth. Zinc, calcium, copper and magnesium are essential minerals for strong, healthy hair.

Our serum is packaged in a spray bottle, making it easy to apply and distribute evenly throughout the hair. Use it on damp hair before drying or on dry hair to condition and refresh throughout the day.

Discover the transformative power of mesotherapy-inspired hair care with our hair serum spray, enriched with a powerful blend of active ingredients to nourish, strengthen and revitalize your hair. Based on the formulation of our F-HAIR mesococktail.

Usage tips:

Our hair serum spray is suitable for all hair types and can be used by anyone wanting to condition and nourish their hair. It is especially beneficial for people with damaged, weak or dry hair, as well as those experiencing hair loss or thinning.

To use, simply spray the serum onto clean, damp hair, focusing on the ends and areas that need special attention. Gently massage the serum into the hair and style as desired. For best results, use the serum regularly, either daily or as needed.

Our hair serum spray is designed to nourish and protect your hair long-lasting, so you can enjoy healthy, strong and revitalized hair. Whether you're looking to repair damage, boost moisture, or promote hair growth, our serum is a versatile and effective solution for all your hair care needs.


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