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EVE TAYLOR Floral Hydrolats Peppermint Water 250ml

EVE TAYLOR Floral Hydrolats Peppermint Water 250ml

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Used to cool and refresh it is very useful for hot flashes, post shaving for sensitive or irritated skin, even sunburn, eczema and acneic skin types It has an energizing, uplifting quality Again use half and half to mix with professional masks.

Hydrolats are the aromatic water created during the extraction of essential oils using steam distillation and consist of 100% pure hydrolat. These natural aromatic waters are perfect to use throughout the Eve Taylor ® treatment to customise and tailor towards the needs of the client.

Skin type/condition:
Skin with loose texture and loss of elasticity.

Features & benefits:

  • May be used to customise products in the Eve Taylor ® range for a targeted treatment approach.
  • Aromatic action creates increased sensorial experience for clients during the facial.
  • Water base allows for lavish use, even for those usually contra-indicated to essential oils.

Salon use:

  • Add to cleansers or moisturisers
  • Add into rinse water bowls for aromatic benefits
  • Dampen cotton disks to create hydrolat eye compress (Chamomile or Rose Hydrolat ONLY)
  • Dampen facial gauze
  • Spritz directly on to skin as toner
  • Add to Peel off masques to customiseSpritz on to hot towels for aromtic and therapeutic actions
  • Spritz into the air in treatment room to fragrance
  • Spritz onto towelling / bedding /curtains
  • Add to steaming device (follow manufacturers guidelines)
  • Add to manicure/pedicure bowls
  • Add to Electro Gel to customise iontophoresis (+) benefits

Homecare use:

  • Spritz directly onto skin as toner.
  • Spritzaround room for aromatherapy benefits.

Vegan friendly:
All Hydrolats are suitable for Vegans.


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