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EVE TAYLOR Floral Hydrolats Lavender Water 250ml

EVE TAYLOR Floral Hydrolats Lavender Water 250ml

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Hydrolats are the aromatic water created during the extraction of essential oils using steam distillation and consist of 100% pure hydrolat. These natural aromatic waters are perfect to use throughout the Eve Taylor ® treatment to customise and tailor towards the needs of the client.

Skin type/condition:
All skin types and conditions, especially inflamed.

Features & benefits:

  • May be used to customise products in the Eve Taylor ® range for a targeted treatment approach.
  • Aromatic action creates increased sensorial experience for clients during the facial.
  • Water base allows for lavish use, even for those usually contra-indicated to essential oils.

Salon use:

  • Add to cleansers or moisturisers
  • Add into rinse water bowls for aromatic benefits
  • Dampen cotton disks to create hydrolat eye compress (Chamomile or Rose Hydrolat ONLY)
  • Dampen facial gauze
  • Spritz directly on to skin as toner
  • Add to Peel off masques to customiseSpritz on to hot towels for aromtic and therapeutic actions
  • Spritz into the air in treatment room to fragrance
  • Spritz onto towelling / bedding /curtains
  • Add to steaming device (follow manufacturers guidelines)
  • Add to manicure/pedicure bowls
  • Add to Electro Gel to customise iontophoresis (+) benefits

Homecare use:

  • Spritz directly onto skin as toner.
  • Spritzaround room for aromatherapy benefits.

Vegan friendly:
All Hydrolats are suitable for Vegans.


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