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EVE TAYLOR Firming Serum (Formerly Q10 Serum) 30ml

EVE TAYLOR Firming Serum (Formerly Q10 Serum) 30ml

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Co-Enzyme Q10 is considered the ‘Queen of Antioxidants’. Its antioxidant properties can effectively counteract free radical damage and therfore help to prevent damage to Collagen and Elastin, the two most important proteins in the skin that give the skin firmness and elastisity. Q10 is found naturally in every cell in the body and is vitaly important in cell function, however after the age of 20 does start to naturally decline. The application of Q10 on a regular basis can help minimise this effect and therfore the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Combating harmful free radical agents, such as tobacco, stress and pollution, this product moisturises and refines the skin.


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