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EVE TAYLOR Body Treatment Oil No.302 Cellulite 50ml

EVE TAYLOR Body Treatment Oil No.302 Cellulite 50ml

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Cellulite. Circulation and Elimination;
This formulation is beneficial for the treatment of cellulite type deposits and areas of high congestion such as buttocks and abdominal or thigh areas. Grapefruit and Lemon and Fennel together are purifying and cleansing to the system, while Thyme , Juniperberry, Geranium and Cypress, stimulate drainage and elimination.

This blend is recommended for those starting a spring cleanse, a new exercise regime or weight loss program. It will assist in detoxifying the tissues and eliminating unwanted materials from the body. Apply a small amount to the affected areas either after a warm bath or shower or prior to exercising. Do not use before bed as it stimulates elimination.


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