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EVE TAYLOR Body Treatment Oil No.301 Anti Stress 50ml

EVE TAYLOR Body Treatment Oil No.301 Anti Stress 50ml

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Recommended for aching joints and muscles:

This blend of essential oils is for the muscle and joint discomfort created by physical stress, strain or over exertion. It will help to reduce pain and sensitivity and will also help drain both Uric acid and Lactic acid that can contribute to the discomfort. Peppermint, Clove and Ginger help reduce the pain and discomfort providing both a cooling and warming effect on the muscular areas. Juniperberry, Black pepper and Rosemary all work by draining the affected area.

This blend is recommended for those that like to exercise and yet feel discomfort after athletic events. The blend has been successfully used pre event and post event by marathoners and triathletes as well as those that simply suffer from muscular discomfort associated with their occupation. Not to forget that very large group of babyboomers that also feel muscle and joint discomfort due simply to the aging process.


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