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EUFORIA 112 Pearl Serum 30ml

EUFORIA 112 Pearl Serum 30ml

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Highly concentrated luxury youth serum.
pH = 6.4 – 6.6

This serum, highly concentrated in active ingredients, becomes essential for the treatment of wrinkles and protects against UV-induced energy loss. The pearl participates in the metabolic activity of DNA and RNA which stimulates and accelerates cell revitalization and renewal.


Hyaluronic acid (low molecular weight)  the simplest glycosaminoglycan (one of the main components of the extracellular matrix) acts like a sponge that captures and maintains hydration in the dermis, penetrates the skin much more easily, is slowly absorbed over time. time and normalizes the imbibition power of the skin. With very good viscoelastic properties, works on the protection of fabrics against shocks and deformations.

Moisturizing complex based on lactic acids and derivatives  advanced 24-hour moisturizing complex, composed of a synergistic blend of natural moisturizing factors (NHF). Non-occlusive, it therefore allows the skin to breathe, providing it with a powerful moisturizing effect, which increases the ability of the stratum corneum to bind water, accelerates the renewal of the stratum corneum without affecting the skin barrier and stimulates the production of ceramides.

Ceramide 2  key molecule of the epidermis; maintains skin hydration and integrity; contributes to cell renewal, which in fact is the main cause of aging. Strengthens the skin barrier. Ceramides constitute the lipid cement essential to the horny epidermal layers. They ensure corneocyte cohesion and contribute to the skin barrier function as well as skin hydro-regulation. In cosmetics, they enrich the horny epidermal layers with glucolipids analogous to epidermal lipids, restructure the intercellular lipid matrix of the superficial epidermal layers and thereby reinforce the epidermal barrier function and the cohesion of horny cells, they therefore improve epidermal bioprotection and reduce or avoid the dry appearance, peeling and uncomfortable skin; they promote epicutaneous repair.

Olive Squalane  Natural emollient that leaves skin soft without leaving an oily residue. Increases skin respiration and prevents moisture loss. Miscible with interfibrillar glycoproteins.

Ginkgo Biloba extract  composed mainly of flavonoids, fights cell degeneration and firms the skin against aging. Free radical scavenger and anti-inflammatory, stimulates, revitalizes and protects the skin against the environment; improves blood circulation and reduces capillary fragility.

Shea butter   moisturizes, nourishes, softens, heals, prevents water loss, it is photoprotective, anti-inflammatory and it beautifies thanks to its composition exceptionally rich in unsaponifiables and vitamins (A, D, E, F).

Giant Amazonian water lily extract   symbol of freshness, purity and tranquility. The composition of the flower, rich in starch, glucose, oils and tannins, offers anti-inflammatory benefits that help soothe, smooth and nourish. Its tannin content also makes it useful as an astringent, which can benefit the skin. Its rich composition provides deep conditioning and hydration while having a detoxifying effect on the skin, for a smooth and supple appearance.

Marine DNA   characterized by its phosphorus concentration and low protein traces. Active role in protein synthesis, it delays cellular aging by countering the harmful effects of free radicals.

Baobab pulp extract   immediate smoothing and anti-wrinkle effect, energizes, revitalizes and hydrates the epidermis, reorganizes the cutaneous structure so that it can fight against the relaxation of the facial muscles and the effects of gravity; brings a silky touch

Soybean Extract  proteins, glycoproteins and polysaccharides isolated from organic soybeans (GMO-free). Fight against the biological or photo-induced signs of premature aging of the skin. Protects the skin from UV-induced energy loss and stimulates the regenerative functions of the skin. Improves skin firmness and reduces roughness and depth of wrinkles; prevents damage and stimulates DNA repair caused by UV exposure.

Pearl hydrolyzate composed of calcium carbonate and 14 to 18 amino acids and minerals, 9 of which are essential amino acids beneficial to the skin. Provides the nutrients needed to increase cell activity and metabolism. While nourishing skin cells, pearl has the ability to promote the first antioxidant enzyme: superoxide dismutase SOD, which occurs naturally in the body and protects the skin against oxidative damage. Prevents the formation of fine lines and wrinkles and sagging skin, revives the complexion, lightens spots (age and freckles) and acne scars. Easily absorbed through the superficial layers of the epidermis, the pearl participates in the metabolic activity of DNA and RNA which stimulates and accelerates revitalization and cell renewal.

Glycosaminoglycans   marine glycosaminoglycan that inhibits matrix metallo protease (MMP) enzymes that degrade and destroy the skin's collagen network. Most enzymes are neutralized, leading to healthy, natural looking skin: reduction in the appearance of periorbital dark circles, spider veins and rosacea on the face. Also improves skin barrier function.

Vitamin E  anti-radical and anti-inflammatory properties. Moisturizes and improves skin microcirculation, contributes to healing and prevents the destruction of the skin by free radicals, thus reinforcing UV protection. Increases water retention capacity, softens, reduces lipid peroxidation and protects cell membranes.


MORNING and/or EVENING on the face and neck.
Ideal use as a base for Perle 106 or Perle 108 cream.


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