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ekseption Urban D Pollution Protective Cream 30ml

ekseption Urban D Pollution Protective Cream 30ml

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  • Protects against all kinds of air pollution
  • SPF30
  • PH=5

A new generation of protective day cream with phytic acid, natural extracts and filters. Despite the high protection offered by the cream, the texture remains light and refreshing. The urban anti-pollution complex is a new generation of highly protective daily care. It is conditioned in an airless unit, which is convenient to carry all day. This anti-pollution protector is an innovation on different levels. The formulation creates a durable, sweat-resistant skin film, which provides a base for makeup. The active ingredients protect skin cells against all kinds of atmospheric pollution (tobacco, harmful gases, heavy metals). The effectiveness is based on the phenolic acids contained in ivy and sunflower extracts associated with the phytic acid extracted from rice, providing overall activity against contamination. It does not sting the eyes and adapts even to the most sensitive skin. It has been specially formulated to be applied after peels or other similar treatments.

Phytic acid
Natural extracts
Anti-pollution complex

In the morning and at noon, apply to the entire face, neck and décolleté. For optimal protection, wait at least 10 minutes before applying makeup products. We recommend mineral makeup.


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