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ekseption Body Resurfacing Micro-Peel & Milk 400ml

ekseption Body Resurfacing Micro-Peel & Milk 400ml

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Nutrition and skin protection 


  • Restores high hydration
  • Reveals a smooth skin texture after a few applications.

A new way of looking at hydration of the body with this new treatment. The facial skin needs exfoliation to fight the signs of aging but the body skin also shows loss of elasticity and pigmentary imperfections over time in addition to dryness. This product combines a micro-peel and a nourishing emulsion in a single product. Just shake the bottle to mix the phases and apply all over the body. Gluconolatone produces gentle exfoliation day after day, while tranexamic acid reduces blemishes. Sodium lactate and lactic acid ester provide hydration and nutrition. After a few days of use, the skin is smoother and deeply hydrated

The product is easy to use, shake the bottle to mix the 2 phases and spray on the body every day after the shower. Finish by massaging the product until it is absorbed.


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