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DR SCHRAMMEK Time Control Night Cream 50ml

DR SCHRAMMEK Time Control Night Cream 50ml

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Enriching skin care in the luxury class. The innovative formula combines anti-glycation with premium matrix peptides. The exclusive substance combination supports the skin's natural functions and replenishes moisture while it works overnight. The results are a radiant, fresh, smooth looking skin in the morning.

Beauty-Tip: Also highly suitable for facial massages.

Effective ingredients:

Carnosin: Counteracts hardening of collagen fibers.
Vitamin A: Stimulates cell renewal, supports collagen build-up.
Matrixyl® 3000: The anti-aging Bota-peptides stimulate collagen production and improve tone and elasticity of skin.  Case studies have verified the rejuvenating effect.
Silymarin (milk thistle oil): Protects skin from the effects of free radicals (for instance from environmental effects, UV radiation).


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