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DR. BELTER Sensi-Bel Delicate Day Care 50ml

DR. BELTER Sensi-Bel Delicate Day Care 50ml

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A mild moisturizing fluid for very sensitive skin. It is free of perfume and colorants and suitable as a day care preparation as well as a light 24 hour care preparation. Highly pure and mostly skin- identical ingredients hydrate the skin immediately. Substances like vitamin E, lecithin, sheabutter, squalene, allantoin and liquorice root extract support skin hydration
Skin sensitivity can affect all skin types at any given time. A particular disposition towards this skin type is generally found in people with blond or reddish hair, often with fine and very soft skin. Often thin skin condition is attributed to hereditary.
Cold and hot weather can agrevate the skin causing redness. Drinking wine and sitting in hot tubs can also cause skin flushing or "red skin". Red skin reduces the feeling of well being. Consequently, this skin type requires very special care and attention in the method of treatment, including optimally combined special care products. Care must focus on gently moisturizing and tenderness to the skin's sensitivities.
»sensi-bel« - the complete care system from DR.BELTER® COSMETIC to ensure a particularly gentle, meaningful and mild skin moisturizer.
This innovative range of three care products and two gentle cleansers is a source of relaxation and sense of wellbeing for challenging skin types, especially for the care of skin with a tendency to have red patches.All products in this series have been tested to ensure dermatological compatibility.



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