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DR. BELTER Samtea Body & Balance Seasalt & Sugar Scrub 230ml

DR. BELTER Samtea Body & Balance Seasalt & Sugar Scrub 230ml

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This aromatic body scrub sloughs off dead skin cells and leaves fresher looking skin. The innovative formula includes caring oils like Avocado and Sasanqua. Prepares the skin for following care products.  Lemon and Mango aroma essences make its use a pleasurable experience.
This body care line offers body treatment concepts focusing on a sense of wellness and moisturising care. By fusing domestic and exotic natural extracts withs ethnic treatment techniques, the Samtea line creates a feeling of harmony of body and mind. The concept of this line is designed to meet the body treatment requirements of spas and salons.
Wellness – Beauty - Revitalization. With today’s accelerated lifestyle it is even more important to interrupt the work and home schedules to make time for yourself. These important moments of relaxation and peacefulness help you find your personal vitality. For these moments the Samtea Body & Balance line offers sensual body care.

DR.BELTER® draws from a variety of natural and exotic essential ingredients to provide natural care concepts for spas and home care. This line uses marine extracts, silk powder, aromatherapy elements, fruit and natural extracts, herbs, and other advanced ingredients. 

Samtea Body & Balance body care line gives a luxurious sense of well being making your personal time so seductive and pleasant you are sure to devote more time to yourself.


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