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DR. BELTER Ocula Eye Make-up Remover Lotion 125ml

DR. BELTER Ocula Eye Make-up Remover Lotion 125ml

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This oil-free, fresh liquid lotion removes eye make-up instantly and thoroughly. Its gentle, calming formula is particularly appreciated by sensitive skin and contact lens wearers.
A clear, light blue lotion. 125 ml bottle retail size; 250 ml bottle salon size.
KEY INGREDIENTS: allantoin, amphotensid, chlorhexidindigluconat (mild antibacterial)
Radiant eyes reflect your inner beauty…
They deserve to be given the best care and attention.
Eyes can tell tales. Tales of our soul and mental state. Sometimes tales of sleepless nights, worry and fatigue.
Due to its fragile anatomy and constant facial expressions the eye area is particularly in need of timely, specific and gentle care.
Line »ocula« achieves a successful balance of natural, skin identical especially compatible ingredients combined with effective, highly innovative yet non-irritant actives.
The »ocula« products have a wonderfully relaxing and calming effect on the eyes, moisturizing dryness, wrinkles and puffiness while softening the skin around the eye area. Our special tip for the beauty of your eyes: sunglasses are an essential you should never be without!
The »ocula« care line is suitable for any age.


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